101 in 1001

while surfing the internet one day i found myself on facebook. somehow, i ended up looking at the page of a kid who lived down the hall from me freshman year, but who i haven't spoken with in quite some time. i noticed he had a link to this blog/project he was doing so i checked it out. i was skeptical at first, but after reading about it i thought it to be a rather neat idea. his project, which you can read about here, has existed for a few year's now. it's called "101 in 1,001", or some variation of that. essentially, you compile a list of 101 things you want to accomplish, see, do, etc. over the course of the next 1,001 days (approximately 2.75 years). being a list-lover myself, i decided to create my own version.

i guess i don't expect a great number of you to partake in this, but it'd be cool to be doing this alongside a few friends. tell me if you decide to have a go at it. i can see it being a great motivational tool to finally accomplish some of the little things you keep putting off or the bigger goals you're too nervous to attempt.

My List:

Health & Fitness
1. Attend a yoga class with Barb
2. Complete 3 Marathons (0/3)
3. Complete 1 Triathlon
4. Feel comfortable enough to run with my shirt off at the beach
5. 100 push-ups a day for a month
6. Take a 1-hour tennis lesson
7. Go to the dentist
8. Get under 185 lbs.
9. Remain under 185 lbs.

10. Get contacts
11. Get a 2nd tattoo
12. Get an expensive haircut

Personal Challenge
13. Eat an apple a day for a month
14. Access college computer (I forgot my Windows password)
15. Don't use the microwave for a month
16. Don't fart around Barb for a month
17. No diet soda for a month

Around the House
18. Clean random crap out of my parent's house
19. Get dents out of my car
20. Wax car twice a year
21. Back up all music, photos, etc on a separate hard drive
22. Organize all of my digital photos
23. Hang my dart board
24. Frame and hang my world map

Soul, Environment, & Friendship
25. Paint a room for someone
26. Write an email to my freshman year roommate
27. Write a letter to my High School football coach
28. Volunteer 3 separate times for 3 separate causes (0/3)
29. Plant 5 trees (0/5)
30. Send a post card to
Auntie Pasto's in Hawaii
31. Do something charitable every Thanksgiving (0/2)
32. Do something charitable every X-Mas (0/3)
33. Write 30 random emails to people I don't talk to that often anymore (0/30)
34. Develop old rolls of film sitting around my parent's
35. Send an (extremely weird, non-sensical) message in a bottle
36. Be a "
Dharma Bum" with Shu for 24 hours
37. Take Sadie on 3 doggie dates (0/3)
38. Send a package to Australia
39. Find out how / where to recycle paper and do it
40. Donate blood
41. Donate 100,000 grains of rice on
42. Do something worthwhile on Earth Day
43. Donate a garbage bag filled with old clothes
44. Replace all of our light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs
45. Mail a secret to

46. Consolidate my Student Loans
47. Sell 5 things on
Amazon or eBay (0/5)
48. Use up all of my existing gift cards
49. Figure out my credit score
50. Save up for and buy a

51. Brew my own beer
52. Make sushi at home
53. Go to a Japanese restaurant and order something that isn't sushi
54. Cook 50 different recipes (0/50)
55. Drink at 5 different breweries (0/5)
56. Jar / bottle my own marinade, soup, and salsa (0/3)
57. Maintain an herb garden for an entire summer
58. Enjoy a glass of real spiked egg-nog (bonus: next to a fire!)
59. Have a good experience at an Indian restaurant with Barb

Personal Know-How
60. Learn to drive stick
61. Learn how to tie a tie
62. Re-learn
63. Learn the basics of a popular editing program
64. Add internal hardware to a computer

65. Learn 5 "popular" (read: “recognizable”) songs on the guitar (0/5)
66. Attend a multi-day music festival
67. Have a music review published (online counts)
68. Get a letter published in
RollingStone (or at least write 30 letters)
69. Attend 25 concerts / shows (0/25)
70. Photograph 3 different shows (where I don't know the band) (0/3)
71. Geek-out on iTunes #1: (assign Year, Genre, and Album Art to all songs)
72. Geek-out on iTunes #2: Give star-ratings to all of my unrated songs in iTunes
73. Compile a playlist of my favorite song each week for a year
74. Give away or recycle my old iPod

The Arts
75. Visit 5 new museums, galleries, or exhibits (0/5)
76. See 15 "Best Film" Oscar winners (0/15)
77. Re-read the Lord of the Rings
78. Read 30 books by 30 different authors (0/30)

Personal Creativity
79. Re-edit my Australia photos and do something with them
80. Re-vamp
my Web Site
81. Submit a t-shirt design to threadless.com
82. Edit the Lindenhurst slideshow that I scanned all of my photos in for
83. Enter a photo contest
84. Create a stop-motion animation short and post online
85. Paint a birdhouse

Adventures & Activities
86. Visit the West Coast
87. Camp 3 times in 3 new places (bonus: once with a group of friends) (0/3)
88. Move out of Bensalem (bonus: move out of the North East)
89. Go on a fishing trip (bonus: with my Dad)
90. Hike 5 new trails (0/5)
91. Go to Canada
92. Go to an archery range
93. Take a stadium tour
94. Photograph 5 sunrises in 5 different places (0/5)
95. Photograph 5 sunsets in 5 different places (0/5)
96. Go wine tasting with Barb
97. Stop at 10 roadside lookouts (0/10)
98. Rent jet-skis / wave-runners with Barb
99. Visit 10 new places in our Philly guide book (0/10)
100. Visit 3
National Parks (0/3)
101. Go on a road trip with Ian & Dave

I pledge to document this list to the best of my ability.

Furthermore, I promise to donate $5 to a non-profit for every item not completed.

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